We are Working to Provide Clean and Safe Drinking Water

Mobile Area Water and Sewer System is dedicated to providing clean and safe drinking water to the city of Mobile, AL. Through this initiative, we hope to help our community better understand the value of clean drinking water and how it improves our quality of life and overall health. To protect this valuable resource, MAWSS is committed to maintaining and properly treating our water sources while educating our community. We always welcome opportunities to continue progressing our understanding of the water quality that is distributed.

MAWSS is driving action towards a matter that affects our community. A comprehensive survey of our water system will be conducted. This process will include a strategic and thorough survey of both utility and privately owned water lines, identification of service lines in need of upgrades and notification of our findings and implementation of progress.

Plan of Action

Survey of Our Water System

Surveys will be conducted throughout the city of Mobile in select areas over a period of time to aid in research and development. This phase of our program will be executed in an orderly manner to ensure accurate and thorough results. Therefore, MAWSS will address the survey phase by following a strategic plan that is divided into zones. For example, the map provided shows Zones 1 and 2— these will be the first areas to be surveyed in our city. Afterwards, MAWSS will continue to move into other zones to conduct both research and analysis.

Notification of Results

A survey of Mobile’s water lines will be conducted across selected areas over a period of time to aid in research. Once the survey phase is complete, MAWSS will move onto Phase 2: Notifications. Residents will be notified of the results by mail to ensure that every resident has an opportunity to review the findings. Our survey results will be analyzed and prompt action will be taken if needed.

Implementation of Progress

Once results and notifications have been received and verified, MAWSS will actively begin to implement driven action towards eradicating all traces of lead, ensuring the healthiest drinking water for our customers. By doing this, MAWSS is creating a safer environment and overall better quality of life for current and future generations.

How Lead & Copper
Get Into Drinking Water

Although lead service lines have never been found in our water system, MAWSS feels it is our duty to inform the community of the process in which lead can potentially affect drinking water.

Lead can potentially enter into drinking water through outdated lead water service lines, patching materials and old home plumbing and fixtures. The utilization of lead and lead patches in plumbing was ended in 1986. MAWSS consistently takes an inventory of the current lead status among homes in the area.

Water chemistry is controlled by detailed steps employing a consumable erosion inhibitor that covers the home’s pipes and keeps lead from escaping into drinking water. MAWSS started this program during the 1980s. MAWSS test results have been, and continue to be, reliably below the lead activity levels set up by ADEM.

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